Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Perfect Canvas

I really want something different yet simple for my wedding. Till I found this link, I think my desire is about to come true. Yayyy.

The Perfect Canvas offers us beautiful canvas art for home decoration or whatever you like to do with that canvas. For me, surely I want to put that canvas with my face on that to show up to you guys on my wedding day. Haha you are welcome to feel envy then. Gar har har.

Well it is more yaaaayyy to find out that The Perfect Canvas is organizing special contest for the followers; can check the term and condition in their website.

They are giving away 3 canvas printing to their followers just by making special entry introducing their website and product- for feerrreeee. Very nice of them. I hope I have luck this time. Never been lucky tho-and never winning any award or prizes in any contest. T.T

Haha ok then. Have a peep to their beautiful arts :D Lets Yayyyyy to them, and to me for having free time entering this contest :P :P

Uuuuuu so suhhweet...

alololo comannya pakcik makcik ni..lebih coman bila diabdikan dlm canvas,kan?


deeya said...

sonotnye kan..hari bahgia dah makin dkt..darah manis ni..

PokLan said...

heheh..ini sudah sampai tahap terlebey manis ni..jeng2

cik selamah kundang said...

dlm byk2,knpa pic pkcik pegang rokok tu? ;(

myatiqah said...

deeya- weh daia ko bkk blog baru ke?huhu

lan- sabor lan sabor..wahahahah

csk- ntah aku amek je kt website dierg,xpasan lak ade rokok kt tgn..xpe,rokok tu hiasan je tu,die xisap pn..hahaha think positifla sgt..huihui