Monday, February 21, 2011

The mistake, the forgiveness.....

"We are over..!!"

That was once said by him, & that was becoz of me, my own huge big mistake ever made. My heart stopped pumping. No tears, no plead at all.

But then I realized, that angry face, that angry voice, there's something deep inside his heart. Sorrow, sad, betrayed, disappointed, love, bitter but no hate at all.

My world goes empty, but what can I do.. It was my mistake after all, & I deserved that. I deserved even the worst.

It's hard to full stop something u've started once. It took time for me to really realized what I need, and it took longer for me to put an end to it. Its hard, and its hurt.

To those who might knew the stories, I am truly sorry. To those who effected, I am truly deeply sorry. Dear Al-Mighty, please forgive me & make things easier for me.

To him, thank you very much for giving this second chance that no one would ever give. Thanks so much for the endless love & the forgiveness & this happiness. Thank you, Lan.