Monday, April 11, 2011

5 years there and then

5 years ago, these statement had came across my mind when I was first saw him..

"sapela bini mamat ni nanti ek..."

Just that, & i never attempt to know his name after that. Don't know why it came to me, i never knew who he was that time.

5 years after that day, I had answer my own question. The who's answer is ME. Hahaha unsangkarable.

Till now I dont really know why I'm questioning myself like that when I saw him. That time I was having my lunch at cafe with lotsa my friends, as he walked across our group, wearing kain pelikat and dark or lite purple ( I can't recalled ) baju Melayu, just came back from surau for Zohor prayer i guess. But still I can remember he was a kurus guy. Hahaha

& thats it. Until a year after we worked in the same organisation and..... ok no flashback stories, Or maybe in next entries not this time... So now we are preparing for our big day. May Allah make things easier for us as I'd already answer the question. May I answered the question correctly. hahaha

Aku xde gambar yg lagi kurus. Tapi boleh tengok latest- lemak sana sini. Hahaha


PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

aku yakin aku penah tgk muka lan somewhere... tp xingat di mana..

myatiqah said...

die taik-one-do la..ko bkn taik-one-do jgk ke?