Friday, June 17, 2011

Review. Baju Akad

It is one of my wishlist to design my own baju kurung moden for solemnization. Nicely done still I have to admit that it is quite costly, burning a big hole in my pocket tho.

Kinda hard for me to google baby blue baju kurung moden for solemnization. So I just go thru some baju kurung moden pattern to get the rough idea.

The idea of baby lite blue and white for akad came after some reviews at b2b's blog where they preferred all-sacred-white dress, which is good. But then I just wanna add something glaring to my dress, so here it came, baby blue beading and maniks. heheheh

Thanks to the akak tailor @ Classic One, Kulim Kedah, recommended by my buddies (ex-b2b, eyanne & purple lady done their dress at same place, too(= ).

Im taken. Yayyyy

Berdebar hati

For the awning, well at first I decided to go with tudung bawal, but then it is a bit hard for me to find pearly white tudung bawal with lite blue stone and diamonds, so this white awning is bought ad hoc, just two days before my solemnization. It went perfectly with the butt-long veil. Hehehe

The beading is done by Kak Ida, lovely kan?hehe
Aku suka hujung lengan baju ni, kembang-kembang gitu. Hahaha.
Puas hati. Syukur.

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