Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Bday Love

This is the second time we're celebrating his birthday as hub&wife, and i already forgot to buy him a gift. Kehhh dasar bini. Well ekceli memang saje niat nak buat-buat lupa, sebab dah sengkek Myvitos tuka jantung baru. So let assume that car as a gift shall we? I no longer have to burden him by borrowing his car ke hulu ke hilir tanpa rasa bersalah while he is using motor to go to work. Sorry so much sayang.

The other good news on his blessing birthday is, by end of this month we're no longer a weekend husband and wife. Lobster dah dapat kerja kat Kulim, syukur teramat. Alhamdulillah, TQ Ya Allah. After almost 2 years my prayers have been answered, it's all about the right time. Meanwhile, I've learnt to be a well-behaved wife the hard way. Kahhhhh.

Anddd, Milo the missing cat is back. ALready post the long story on fb, so malas lah nak retype again here. Kehhhhh..

Ahhh, for the birthday, we had our mini earlier celebration lunch on Sunday at Manhattan. Ajak Lobster makan lobster. The irony. And I bought the very last minute carrot cake. as I remembered, his last year punye bday cake is also carrot cake from SR. Haaa! Less pricey and more delicious compared to BR yg mahal,kecil dan sangat tak sedap to the max itu.

 kenyang sampai keesokkan harinya
 still in good shape
may Allah bless u my dear. and please, keep encouraging me to lose some weight...plisss,plisssss..


PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

hepi besday poklan!

Dhya Surya said...

semoga korang kan jadi pasangan yg comel semtiasa...=)

myatiqah said...

lan kate mekaseh, mne kek or lasagna daging pon jadila.hahaha

tq surya..u too :):)